I am a native Floridian who collects Florida artwork. I am especially interested in the work of Hermann Herzog, Anthony Thieme, and Frank Shapleigh, and many of the other artists who painted Florida. I am strictly a private collector.

I am not a dealer nor in any way in the business of selling paintings.
When I buy paintings it is to keep in my collection. When you sell to me you will get the highest possible price for your paintings. Beware of dealers who pass themselves off as collectors, there are some clever people out there doing this very thing.

To emphasize again, I buy these paintings for the love of old Florida, not to make money. I am available right now to buy your Florida artwork. I will pay cash and I will pay top dollar for paintings which I need to have in my collection. If you offer a painting to me that I cannot fit in my collection I will happily direct you to a dealer who can pay fair market wholesale value for your paintings.

I am also actively seeking artwork by Florida's Beanie Backus as well as any paintings made by Florida's Highwaymen

To ensure a quick evaluation of your painting, e-mail a copy of the painting to me with the size and name of the artist who signed it. I am only interested in original paintings, no prints or lithographs.


You can also call me now on my cell phone but email is the fastest way to reach me.
(954) 398-4353.  If no answer then please leave a message describing the artwork you have on my voicemail stating the painting size and artist name who signed the painting. No prints.


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